173,what is propane full tank-凯时登录

 173,what is propane full tank-凯时登录

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173,what is propane full tank- doer equipment

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what is propane full tank?

the tank adopts the flat bottom cylinder bimetal full capacity tank structure, and the tank structure adopts the following forms:

it is composed of main vessel, secondary vessel, bottom insulation, interlayer insulation, ceiling insulation, steel structure at the top of storage tank, tower ladder, equipment valve, electrical instrument and foundation platform.

propane liquid is stored in the inner tank (main container) of the full tank, and the outer tank (secondary container) is used to hold the evaporated gas and cold insulation materials. when the inner tank leaks, the outer tank can store part of propane liquid effectively. the inner and outer tanks are flat bottomed and cylindrical metal tanks. the top of the inner tank is suspended in the support structure of the outer tank vault by suspenders. the outer tank vault is spherical and the top support structure is ribbed ring grid. the foundation of propane storage tank adopts concrete elevated platform structure.

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