176、pressure measurement and control measures for propane full tank -凯时登录

 176、pressure measurement and control measures for propane full tank -凯时登录

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176、pressure measurement and control measures for propane full tank - doer equipment

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pressure measurement and control measures of propane full tank

doer to heat transfer, propane evaporation causes the tank pressure to rise. in addition, the gas replaced when the tank is filled with propane will also cause the tank pressure to rise. in order to maintain the pressure in the tank within the normal operating range, the propane tank is equipped with a pressure measurement and control regulation system. two exhalation relief valves and three vacuum suction valves are installed on the top of each tank to protect the tank from damage.

for the tank pressure deviates from the controllable range, the pressure is too high or too low. the tank is designed with multi-layer safety protection measures to prevent tank overpressure: 1) recover the gas evaporated from the tank through bog pipeline; 2) the gas in the storage tank is discharged into the low pressure flare through the vent pipeline; 3) the exhalation relief valve jumps to discharge the gas from the storage tank to the low pressure torch; 4) emergency safe parking;

the safety protection sequence to prevent the tank pressure from being too low: 1) reduce the amount of gas recovered by bog pipeline; 2) filling the tank with propane or nitrogen; 3) the suction valve of the tank supplies air to the tank.

in order to ensure the reliability of pressure detection, four sets of pressure transmitters are set in the storage tank, which output 4 ~ 20ma signal to the user's dcs and sis system, with hart protocol. the storage tank pressure is displayed and recorded in the control room. local pressure indication is set on the top of the tank, and the tank pressure is automatically controlled by dcs system.

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