179、propane full tank fire (detection) alarm system -凯时登录

 179、propane full tank fire (detection) alarm system -凯时登录

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179、propane full tank fire (detection) alarm system - doer equipment

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fire alarm system for propane tank

one set of explosion-proof integrated camera (2 sets, 1 cloud desktop, 1 direct type) is set on the top of propane tank, with far-infrared night vision function, which is used to monitor the tank top fire and other dangerous situations, so that the production personnel can more intuitively understand the operation status of process unit. the design, installation and fixation of the camera shall be determined through negotiation with the buyer.

the tank top is equipped with two platinum thermistors (platinum thermistors are symmetrically arranged), the explosion-proof instrument control terminal box at the bottom of the tank is equipped with modules, and the switch signal is output.

(1) according to the standard for construction and acceptance of automatic fire alarm system (gb 50166-2019), relevant product instructions and

the system diagram and the scene situation, the correct connection between the alarm system.

(2) alarm control settings:

three flameproof three wavelength infrared flame detectors with 4-20ma output and standby switch signal are set around the vent pipe;

the location of leakage from tank top to flare pipe is: 6 flame-proof combustible gas detectors; 4-20ma output, standby switch signal;

other safety devices

combustible gas leakage detection: combustible gas leakage detector is set on the top platform of the tank, which outputs 4 ~ 20ma signal.

lightning protection grounding: the storage tank is connected to the lightning protection grounding grid of the whole station.

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