184、technical requirements for anti-凯时登录

 184、technical requirements for anti-凯时登录

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184、technical requirements for anti-corrosion construction of steam water bath reheater - doer equipment

classification:industry publishtime:2021-11-04 08:58:31

technical requirements for anti-corrosion construction of steam water bath reheater

the technical requirements for anti-corrosion construction of steam water bath reheater are as follows:

1. after derusting, the steel surface shall be subject to anti-corrosion treatment immediately. the metal surface after derusting shall not be subject to anti-corrosion overnight, otherwise it shall be derusted again.

2. outdoor anti-corrosion shall not be carried out in rainy, snowy and foggy days. the anti-corrosion ambient temperature should be 15-30 ℃.

3. for the construction method of coating, due to the large area of wall panel, the rolling coating method can be used for the construction of intermediate paint and finish paint on site, and the section steel and structural parts can be coated with brush.

4. after derusting of section steel and structural parts, the primer and finishing coat can be painted in turn according to the design requirements. after installation, the anti-corrosion of section steel and structural parts shall be checked again. if local damage is found, the part shall be derusted and protected against corrosion again as required.

5. during storage and drying, the anti-corrosion coating and diluent shall not contact with acid, alkali and water, and shall be dust-proof, explosion-proof and sun exposure. fireworks are strictly prohibited.

6. at that time, when the same paint is used for multi-layer brushing, the primer of the same variety and different colors should be mixed into different colors to prevent exposed coating.

7. the selection of anti-corrosion coating varieties and the number and thickness of coating layers shall be in accordance with the design requirements.

8. during anti-corrosion painting, cooperate with party a to check the number and quality of coating layers at any time.

9. the paint shall have sufficient adhesion and strength after brushing. the surface shall be smooth without trace, consistent color, pinhole, bubble, sagging, peeling, exposed brush, anti rust, wrinkling, pulverization and damage.

10. when the design requires to measure the thickness, the magnetic thickness gauge can be used, and the thickness deviation is not less than 5% of the specified thickness.

11. after the anti-corrosion coating is completed, it can be used after natural drying for more than 7 days and nights.

the technical requirements for pipes, pipes and anti-corrosion and thermal insulation shall refer to the unified regulations on pipe discipline and unified regulations on pipe discipline of wanhua enterprise standards.

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