185、liquid argon atmospheric storage tank -凯时登录

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185、liquid argon atmospheric storage tank - doer equipment

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185、liquid argon atmospheric storage tank -凯时登录

liquid argon atmospheric storage tank is an atmospheric bimetallic flat bottom storage tank used to store liquid low-temperature argon. it is generally bimetallic structure. the middle is filled with pearlescent sand for thermal insulation to ensure the low-temperature state of liquid argon in the inner tank and prevent liquid argon from evaporating easily.

process flow system

safety discharge system and inner tank safety pipeline:

the storage tank shall be equipped with a perfect safety system.in addition to manual venting and automatic venting valve for automatic control of inner tank pressure, double sets of breathing valves shall be set and switched through three-way valve.when the inner tank pressure reaches 24kpa,

expiratory valve;

when the pressure in the inner tank drops to -0.5kpa, the breathing valve sucks in.during operation, one set of two breather valves must be opened to avoid equipment damage and personal injury.the suction only works as a last resort. under normal circumstances, the top air pressure is too low, as long as the air is replenished through the self pressurization system.

the pipes leading out from the top of the inner tank adopt stainless steel corrugated compensator for temperature difference stress compensation, and the corrugated pipe is set on the outer tank

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