192、introduction to vacuum storage tank (part 3) -凯时登录

 192、introduction to vacuum storage tank (part 3) -凯时登录

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192、introduction to vacuum storage tank (part 3) - doer equipment

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introduction to vacuum storage tank (part 3) - doer equipment

piping system:

the storage tank is equipped with relief pipeline, top spray filling pipeline, bottom filling and discharge pipeline, self pressurization pipeline, liquid level and pressure measurement pipeline, overflow pipeline and other pipelines and accessories to meet the requirements of equipment pressure relief, venting, liquid filling, liquid discharge, pressurization, overflow, pressure and liquid level display.

spray filling pipeline: when filling liquid for the first time, the inner tank can be cooled evenly to avoid excessive temperature difference stress.

bottom charging and discharging pipeline: set corresponding stop valves and joints to meet the requirements of charging and discharging capacity.

relief pipeline: the pressure relief pipeline is directly connected with the gas phase space of the storage tank. the diameter of the pipeline meets the requirements of safe relief, and its internal cross-sectional area is greater than the inlet cross-sectional area of the safe relief device.

self pressurization pipeline: the pressure grade of the self pressurizer matches the design pressure of the storage tank, and its vaporization capacity meets the requirements of the design liquid discharge rate and pressure rise rate.

overflow pipeline: in order to prevent the filling rate from exceeding the rated filling rate, overflow pipeline and full measuring valve are set, which is a typical, proven and reliable anti overload device.

all pipelines have sufficient compensation capacity to adapt to thermal expansion and cold contraction;

check strictly before installation to ensure that the internal and external surfaces have been cleaned, free of sundries, oil stains and dry. after the pipeline passes the ndt, the pressure test and leak detection shall be carried out together with the inner tank.

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