196、inner container -凯时登录

 196、inner container -凯时登录

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196、inner container - doer equipment

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inner container - doer equipment

dear doer friends, you must have heard of the son and mother can, but you don't know its inner container very well. next, let's introduce what is the inner container and the design of the inner container!

the inner container is a pressure vessel used to contain media, which is usually a vertical cylindrical outrigger structure.

1. the design and calculation of the structure and strength of the inner tank shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of gb150.

2. the inner container does not adopt vacuum leak detection, so there is no need to design the external pressure stability. however, considering that the diameter of the inner container is generally large and the stiffness in its manufacturing and transportation engineering needs to be ensured, the inner container still needs to be provided with reinforcing rings, and the spacing of reinforcing rings shall be 2m ~ 3m.

3. the inner container shall be equipped with anti vortex device and diffuser; stiffeners shall be set at the legs of the lower head.

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