202、key points for safe use of low-凯时登录

 202、key points for safe use of low-凯时登录

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202、key points for safe use of low-temperature storage tank - doer equipment

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key points for safe use of low-temperature storage tank

key points for safe use of cryogenic tank:
the main function of cryogenic tank is to fill and store cryogenic liquid. for the safe use requirements of low-temperature storage tank, the gas hazard characteristics, low-temperature protection effect, surrounding environmental conditions, pressure vessel characteristics, etc. shall be fully considered, and corresponding technical management measures shall be taken to ensure safe operation.
the operators of low-temperature storage tanks and low-temperature storage tanks shall have a detailed understanding of the structural characteristics of the equipment and its pipe valve system, be familiar with the hazardous characteristics of low-temperature liquids, strictly control the surrounding environmental conditions, and operate according to the safe operation procedures of low-temperature storage tanks and low-temperature storage tanks. the operators must pass the training and examination of the quality and technical supervision department at the municipal level and above, and hold the pressure vessel operation qualification certificate before they can work. before operation, operators shall take labor safety protection measures as required.
the use of low temperature storage tank and low temperature tank shall strictly comply with the safety rules for the use of low temperature liquid storage and transportation equipment (jb6898-1997), and daily safety management shall be strengthened. when storing cryogenic liquid, the filling rate shall not be greater than 0.95, and excessive filling is strictly prohibited. before the cryogenic liquid storage tank is put into use, it shall be ensured that the container is in good sealing condition, all accessories (including valves, instruments and safety devices) are complete, effective, sensitive and reliable, the pipeline materials are appropriate, and the system is dry and free of oil contamination.
during the normal use of low-temperature storage tanks, special personnel shall be responsible for patrol inspection. check that the pressure of the inner container shall not exceed the high working pressure of the storage tank. in case of overpressure, pressure relief measures shall be taken. check the status and leakage of each valve. if any abnormal status or leakage is found, take timely measures to correct the abnormality.
regularly check the vacuum degree in the jacket of the cryogenic liquid storage tank. if the vacuum degree deteriorates, take additional vacuum pumping measures (the professional unit or the original manufacturer shall be invited to take charge of the vacuum pumping of the storage tank).
low temperature storage tank low temperature storage tank is a special equipment under national mandatory safety supervision, which is listed as class iii pressure vessel and shall be inspected regularly according to relevant national technical specifications. the safety accessories of storage tank shall also be checked regularly, such as general pressure gauge, level gauge and safety valve. bursting disc devices shall be calibrated or replaced at least once a year. in case of any fault found in the equipment and accessories of low temperature liquid storage tank, find out the cause at any time, make correct analysis and judgment, and take reasonable solutions to ensure its continuous normal operation and safe use. cryogenic tank cryogenic tank is a kind of jacketed vacuum powder insulated pressure vessel specially used for storage and supply of cryogenic liquefied gases (such as liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide, etc.), with specifications generally ranging from 3.5 cubic meters to 200 cubic meters. it has been widely used in industrial production and daily life. based on the analysis of the dangerous characteristics of cryogenic liquids, combined with various gas supply modes of cryogenic tanks, this paper briefly describes the basic requirements and key points for safe use.

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