204、lng vacuum cryogenic liquid storage tank -凯时登录

 204、lng vacuum cryogenic liquid storage tank -凯时登录

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204、lng vacuum cryogenic liquid storage tank - doer equipment

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lng vacuum cryogenic liquid storage tank - doer equipment

lng vacuum cryogenic liquid storage tank lng vacuum cryogenic liquid tank, namely lng tank, is a professional product for storing lng. from the perspective of common shape and structure, there are four types of vertical lng tanks, horizontal lng tanks, vertical mother and child tanks and atmospheric tanks. as they are used to store and transport liquefied natural gas, they have strict requirements on their welding joints, welds, tank heads, and geometric positions of each pressure element.
1. lng storage system of natural gas tank: lng storage system consists of low-temperature storage tank, auxiliary pipeline and control instrument.
2. classification by capacity: small natural gas storage tank, 5-50 m3, commonly used in civil gas vaporization station, lng vehicle filling station, etc; medium natural gas storage tank, 50-100m3, commonly used in satellite liquefaction units, industrial gas vaporization stations, etc.
3. uses: chemical fuel, household fuel, automotive fuel, combined power generation, heat pump, fuel cell, etc.
4. natural gas tank liquefaction process: cascade liquefaction process, mixed refrigerant liquefaction process, and liquefaction process with expander.
5. the natural gas tank liquefaction unit is composed of natural gas pretreatment process, liquefaction process, storage system, control system and fire protection system.

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