205. tank classification and characteristics -凯时登录

 205. tank classification and characteristics -凯时登录

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205. tank classification and characteristics - doer equipment

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tank classification and characteristics - doer equipment

a  by manufacturing materials:
non metal storage tank, plastic shockproof storage tank, soft storage tank, metal storage tank (steel shell lining, aluminum and alloy, etc.).
b  according to pressure:
atmospheric tank: when the pressure at the gas side of the tank is the same as or less than 1/3 of the atmospheric pressure (gauge), it is called atmospheric tank.
low pressure storage tank: when the pressure is greater than 1/3 atmospheric pressure (gauge) and less than 0.1mpa, it is called low pressure storage tank.
it can be seen that the working pressure of low-pressure storage tank is higher than that of atmospheric storage tank, but its pressure is less than 0.1mpa.
c  according to the environment:
above ground storage tank, semi underground storage tank, underground storage tank, storage tank in tunnel, and storage tank in sea
above ground storage tank: refers to that the tank bottom of the tank is at or above the design elevation of ± 0.00; the tank bottom is below the design elevation of ± 0.00 but not more than 1/2 of the tank height, which is also called the ground tank.
semi underground storage tank: refers to the storage tank buried underground more than 1/2 of its height, and the maximum height of the liquid level of the oil tank shall not exceed 0.2m above the design elevation of ± 0.00.
underground storage tank: refers to the oil tank whose liquid level is 0.2m below the design elevation ± 0.00.
d  according to geometric shape:
vertical cylindrical tank: according to its tank roof structure, it can be divided into fixed roof tank (cone roof tank, dome roof tank, umbrella roof tank, reticulated shell roof tank (spherical reticulated shell), drop shaped tank) and movable roof tank (external floating roof tank, internal floating roof tank can not be rectangular tank).
horizontal cylindrical tank: suitable for storing liquid with small capacity and high pressure.
spherical storage tank: suitable for storing liquids with large capacity and certain pressure, such as liquid ammonia, liquefied petroleum gas, ethylene, etc.

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