13,what are the characteristics of electric heating vaporizer-凯时登录

 13,what are the characteristics of electric heating vaporizer-凯时登录

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13,what are the characteristics of electric heating vaporizer- doer equipment

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what are the characteristics of electric heating vaporizer?

electric heating vaporizer is a kind of commonly used heat exchange equipment, which can be divided into many types according to different gasification methods, and electric heating vaporizer is one of them.

electric heating gasification mode:

the liquefied gas of the electric heating vaporizer passes through the stainless steel coil immersed in the warm water. after absorbing the heat of the warm water, the liquefied gas will gasify and reach the overheating state. after passing through the gas-liquid separation device inside the equipment, the heavy components are removed, and then enter into the pipe network. among them, the heat of warm water is provided by the electric heater, and the electric control panel is installed, which can automatically adjust and control the water temperature. its control range is generally (60 ± 2.5) ℃. when the water temperature is lower than the minimum set temperature value, the electric control panel will give an alarm, and take overpressure protection and anti fluid protection measures. if the water temperature is higher than the maximum set value, an alarm will be sent out, and then the power supply of the electric heater will be cut off automatically.

electric heater has a lower limit of use conditions, and can achieve the purpose of vaporization under the condition of electricity. however, compared with other vaporizers, it consumes a lot of electric energy, so the cost of use will be higher.

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