15,matters needing attention in application of lng vacuum storage tank -凯时登录

 15,matters needing attention in application of lng vacuum storage tank -凯时登录

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15,matters needing attention in application of lng vacuum storage tank - doer equipment

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matters needing attention in the application of lng vacuum storage tank

lng vacuum storage tank is a professional commodity, special equipment and three kinds of pressure vessel for storing liquefied natural gas. it has passed flaw detection, water pressure and air pressure test, on-site inspection by skill supervision bureau, issued inspection certificate of pressure vessel, and completed external derusting and painting. here are some things to pay attention to at ordinary times:

1. lng tanks can not be transported with liquid, so lng liquid in tanks should be discharged when they are out of service for a long time. 2. for tanks with double root valves, the valve close to the tank should be normally open

2. when unloading, it is suggested that the limit filling capacity of lng storage tank should not exceed 90% of the useful volume (85% - 95% of the geometric volume given by the manufacturer), and the utilization margin should not be less than 10%.  

3. when there are a lot of long-term "sweating" or frosting in lng storage tank, and the pressure rises rapidly, we should consider the vacuum failure, carry out urgent treatment, manually discharge the pressure, and carry the lng liquid in the tank.  

4. when the pressure of lng storage tank is high, it is judged that there is a problem in the lng storage tank. it is necessary to consider the heat leakage and liquid storage time of all systems. generally, when the pressure exceeds 1.1mpa, it is necessary to discharge and relieve the pressure. long term high pressure of lng storage tank will affect the vacuum life of tank interlayer.

the construction personnel should have a detailed understanding of the structural characteristics of the equipment and its pipe valve system, strictly control the surrounding environmental conditions, and operate according to the safety operation procedures of lng storage tank. the operators must pass the training and examination of the municipal and above quality and technical supervision department, and hold the pressure vessel operation qualification certificate before they can work.

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