18,component characteristics of lng cryogenic storage tank -凯时登录

 18,component characteristics of lng cryogenic storage tank -凯时登录

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18,component characteristics of lng cryogenic storage tank - doer equipment

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component characteristics of lng cryogenic storage tank

lng storage tank, as a container for storing cryogenic liquid, has special structure and material design characteristics.

1. inner tank wall

the inner tank wall is the main component of low temperature storage tank, which is welded by steel plates with good mechanical properties and low temperature resistance. it is generally made of special steels such as a5372, a516 gr.60, gr18ni9, asme 304, etc.

2. cold insulation layer

2.1 cold insulation of tank wall

polyurethane foam is sprayed inside the lining plate of the outer tank. generally speaking, the thermal conductivity of polyurethane foam is less than 0.03 w/ (m. k), the density is 40~60 kg/m3, and the thickness is 150 mm.

2.2 cold insulation of tank top

the inner tank roof adopts suspended rock wool cold insulation layer. for example, a tank roof is provided with four layers of glass fiber cold insulation layer, each layer is 100 mm thick, the density of glass fiber wool is 16 kg / m3, and the thermal conductivity is 0.04 w / (m · k).

2.3 cold insulation at tank bottom

cold storage at the bottom of the tank is more complicated. besides waterproofing polyurethane foam under the steel plate, waterproof structure should also be designed. the following figure shows the cold insulation structure of a tank bottom, including 65 mm thick cushion, 60 mm thick dense concrete, 2 mm thick waterproof felt, two layers of 100 mm thick foamed glass, and finally covered with 70 mm thick concrete to protect the outer tank concrete from low temperature.

special structure design and material selection are very important for the storage of cryogenic liquid.

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