22,installation features of lng cryogenic storage tank -凯时登录

 22,installation features of lng cryogenic storage tank -凯时登录

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22,installation features of lng cryogenic storage tank - doer equipment

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installation features of lng cryogenic storage tank

as a low temperature equipment, lng storage tank must be installed according to the correct requirements to avoid safety accidents.

(1) lng low temperature storage tank is a double-layer structure. from material inspection and acceptance, prefabrication, assembly, welding, test and cold insulation, there are many construction procedures, many cross operations, one link in the construction, tight construction period and heavy tasks.

(2) the minimum thickness of the tank wall in the tank is only 9mm, which is easy to produce welding deformation during welding. effective anti deformation measures must be taken in the construction to ensure the good formation of the tank.

(3) the inner tank of the storage tank is made of 06ni9 material, and the welding materials are all nickel based welding materials, and the inner tank wall is 100% rt tested, so the welder group is required to have high quality, and the welder training and assessment work must be done well in advance before construction.

(4) there are many materials inside and outside the tank, and there are many kinds of welding materials.

(5) the project is a cold storage tank with single containment and double-layer metal structure. affected by the structure of internal and external storage tanks, many construction technologies are involved in the site. for example, the external storage tank adopts the inverted construction method, while the internal storage tank adopts the forward installation method of hanging steel platform on the tank wall.

in the installation process, the installation must be carried out according to the correct and safe requirements, and the construction personnel with relevant certificates must be allowed to carry out the installation.

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