24,the difference between different lng vaporizers-凯时登录

 24,the difference between different lng vaporizers-凯时登录

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24,the difference between different lng vaporizers

classification:industry publishtime:2019-08-16 15:27:23

the difference of different lng vaporizers

now there are many types of carburetors in the market, such as air temperature type, water bath type, etc. different carburetors have different differences, and the application scenarios are very different.

according to the frequency of use, lng gasifier can be divided into basic load type and emergency peak shaving type. the basic load type has high use frequency and large gasification capacity, and the main consideration in selection is the operation cost of the equipment. emergency peak shaving is to supplement the shortage of gas supply or emergency needs during peak gas consumption. its working characteristics are low utilization rate, randomness of working hours, emergency start-up function, low equipment investment and low operation cost.

according to different application scenarios, we need to choose different vaporizers to achieve our gasification effect. so as to meet the needs of production.

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