4,advantages of suzhou doer large lng cryogenic storage tank doer equipment-凯时登录

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4,advantages of suzhou doer large lng cryogenic storage tank doer equipment

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4,advantages of suzhou doer large lng cryogenic storage tank doer equipment-凯时登录

suzhou doer  is a high-tech enterprise. the company always adheres to the concept of "building a reliable brand in the industry based on advanced doer technology", actively explores and develops new processes and technologies, and constantly introduces advanced technologies and scientific research achievements at home and abroad. in terms of large low temperature storage tank, it has the following advantages:

1. technical advantages: doer  gas has long maintained close cooperation and exchanges with some high-tech enterprises in japan and germany, making the company always at the forefront of the industry in terms of technology. at home, doer gas has deep cooperative relations with shanghai jiaotong university, china university of petroleum and other institutions of higher learning, as well as engineering units such as china global engineering corporation and china wuhuan engineering corporation. in the process of tank design and construction, doer gas adheres to the principle of "all cross standards are in accordance with strict standards", and strives to make products that satisfy customers and meet national standards.

2. advantages of processing equipment: in order to ensure the completion of high quality assurance of storage tank, suzhou doer  has established a 10000m storage tank ³ all the equipments are automatic and intelligent. imported cnc plasma and flame cutting machine is used for cutting; the steel plate processing line can automatically double-sided shot blasting, rust removal, automatic painting and drying; plate groove processing imported from germany and the united states processing equipment; the pre bending and coiling of steel plate adopts cnc hydraulic universal coiling machine; the company has 3 spectrometers, dozens of automatic welding machines and x-ray flaw detection machines.

3. quality advantage: we have a complete set of quality control procedures from technical exchange, project design, raw material procurement, parts processing, installation and commissioning. a lot of valuable experience has been accumulated in the implementation of nearly 100 sets of projects, and all tanks have been successfully debugged at one time.

4. service advantage: have a good quality, professional technology, fast and efficient service team, solve the problem in the shortest time, reply the feedback within two hours, and arrive at the scene within 24 hours. generally speaking, it is a "fast" word. when encountering problems, it can respond quickly and solve them quickly. it has been highly praised by many customers.

5. installation advantages: doer  gas not only has its own professional installation team, but also has long-term cooperation with sihuajian and liuhuajian, with rich installation experience and a large number of special installation tooling.

6. brand advantage: the "doer" brand has been widely recognized in china. there are design institutes, colleges and universities, engineering companies, gas companies, listed companies and chinese prefix enterprises. they all cooperate with doer.

7. concept and cultural advantage: it is the core advantage of doer  gas, which is based on honesty, realistic innovation, customer first and quality first.

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