5,doer equipment welcomes the 70th birthday of the motherland-凯时登录

 5,doer equipment welcomes the 70th birthday of the motherland-凯时登录

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5,doer equipment welcomes the 70th birthday of the motherland

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doer equipment welcomes the 70th birthday of the motherland

welcome the 70th birthday of the great motherland in golden autumn

looking back on this extraordinary 70 years, our motherland has experienced a great and brilliant course from weak to strong, from strong to prosperous, which makes us feel very proud.

especially in the last decade, it is a decade of rapid development in china; it is an important decade to realize china's dream of great rejuvenation and powerful country; it is an important one for realizing one belt, one road and building the community of human destiny.

in this important decade, with the development of the times of our motherland, dur equipment has gone through a decade of continuous development from scratch and from small to large. the annual turnover of the company exceeded 100 million yuan to 350 million yuan, from 350 million yuan to 500 million yuan, and from 500 million yuan to 850 million yuan.

the core product of the company is large-scale low-temperature liquid atmospheric storage tank, from 5000 cubic meters of single capacity tank to 10000 cubic meters of full capacity tank, and then to 30000 cubic meters; the production of cryogenic liquid vacuum tank from scratch, from existing to strong, has been put into use 250m ³ vacuum storage tank has been the largest specification of domestic land transportation, and doer has always been in the forefront of the market with an innovative attitude. dur has built a large number of lng gasification stations and peak shaving stations all over the country; it has played a positive role in promoting the adjustment of china's energy structure and contributed to the realization of the chinese dream of "blue water and blue sky"

the development of dur equipment absorbed the increase of social employment, helped the vulnerable and difficult people, and took the initiative to bear social responsibility. every dur people's life has been greatly improved under the situation of sustainable development of the motherland and the company.

the durians are dedicated to the 70th birthday of the motherland with their practical actions of sustainable development. the industrious and innovative durians sincerely wish the motherland prosperity and the people happiness and well-being.

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