6,about dur gas after sales service and quality commitment -凯时登录

 6,about dur gas after sales service and quality commitment -凯时登录

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6,about dur gas after sales service and quality commitment - dur equipment

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after sales service and quality commitment of duel gas

suzhou duer gas chemical equipment co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "duer equipment") has the following quality assurance system for the products provided by it to ensure that the products meet the requirements of users, operate safely and reliably, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of users

1. technical level of products

durer equipment guarantees that the products it provides are designed, manufactured, inspected and accepted in accordance with the advanced standards and specifications of european and american countries, and meet the requirements of chinese national standards and specifications. for the products with high reliability and safety requirements for gasifiers, such as the import and export docking with france, they are purchased according to the standards of the ministry of chemical industry, to ensure that the products of dur gas are close to and up to the technical level of similar products in the world. the requirements of product design, manufacture, inspection and acceptance are also combined with the use and management characteristics of china's gas industry to ensure to provide users with satisfactory and practical products.

2. overall product quality assurance

ensure that in strict accordance with the requirements of iso9001:2008 quality management system, the process of product design, manufacturing, inspection and acceptance (design → procurement → parts manufacturing and welding → assembly → inspection and test → non-destructive testing → final assembly and packaging factory) is effectively controlled and recorded. users can select control points to inspect and confirm on site according to their needs, the company will provide the necessary working conditions.

3. quality assurance of gasifier

we guarantee that the goods supplied are brand new and unused, made of first-class technology and the best materials, and fully meet the specified quality, specifications and performance requirements.

we guarantee that the goods are properly installed, operated and maintained to meet their performance within their service life. during the warranty period, we will be liable for any loss caused to you by any shortage or failure due to our design, process or material defects.

the warranty period is 24 months after the acceptance of the equipment or 26 months after the goods arrive at the site( note: during the warranty period, if the quality or specification of the goods is found to be inconsistent with the contract, or the goods are proved to be defective, the demander has the right to claim against the supplier according to the inspection certificate issued by the bureau of quality and technical supervision.

4. after sales service commitment

the company has a special technical and after-sales service department, which is specialized in accepting customers' technical consultation, complaints and services.

the company has established a sound management file, and registered every fault and after-sales service of customers in detail, so as to accurately grasp the use of our products purchased by users, sum up experience, and feed back relevant information to the technical department, so as to improve the design quality of the company's products and the use quality of customers.

register the customer's call, and reply the complicated questions no later than 0.5 hours.

provide free installation, debugging and operation services.

during the use of the product, you can call the service hotline if you have any questions.

after taking necessary safety measures, the service personnel of our company will enter the site for treatment according to the time agreed by both parties.

lifelong after-sales service is implemented outside the warranty period, only the cost of replacement parts and the normal travel expenses of service personnel are charged.

after sales service personnel communicate with users by telephone and letters from time to time to understand the use of products, and follow up the use of service products at least three times a year.

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