7,hebei 20000 m3 lng full capacity tank put into operation -凯时登录

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7,hebei 20000 m3 lng full capacity tank put into operation - doer equipment

classification:enterprise news publishtime:2019-10-25 10:11:14

7,hebei 20000 m3 lng full capacity tank put into operation -凯时登录

operation of 20000 cubic lng full capacity tank in hebei province

in october, the golden autumn is clean and cool and comfortable; october is not only the season of osmanthus fragrance, but also the season of dur people harvest!

dur company built 20000 m in shijiazhuang, hebei province ³ after careful organization and tight construction, the lng bimetal full capacity tank completed liquid nitrogen precooling in early october, and successfully injected lng, and all indexes were superior to the design requirements. lng storage successfully ensures the supply of lng in winter in shijiazhuang, which is a major livelihood project in shijiazhuang. the lng full capacity tank also contributes to the blue sky and white clouds!

quality, quantity and safety are always the responsibility objectives of the dur team. the project can not be separated from the strong support of the owner, the core design, careful procurement and ingenuity construction of the doer team, and another monument standing on the land of the motherland.

the full capacity tank is more safe and reliable, with the advantages of low cost, short construction period and other advantages. it is the demand and trend of lng market in the future. the full capacity tank with independent intellectual property rights of dur equipment not only breaks the monopoly of foreign companies, but also has a higher level of technology.

remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind! durians have always been forging ahead, and making great efforts to strengthen chinese manufacturing, contribute to the green water and green mountains of the motherland, and work for the economic development of the motherland!

thank you very much for your friends who have been supporting all walks of life that have helped dur grow up!

the figure below shows the posture of 20000 cubic lng full capacity tank:

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