10,the durians are on their way. (1) -凯时登录

 10,the durians are on their way. (1) -凯时登录

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10,the durians are on their way. (1) - doer equipment

classification:enterprise news publishtime:2020-03-07 14:40:48

the year of his son is full of mountains and rivers, the year of his geng is rich, the sun and the moon are new, and the durians are moving forward (1)

the novel coronavirus pneumonia appeared in 2020, which brought a haze to the original happy and auspicious spring festival. after the outbreak, i believe every durian can realize the value of life and health, the common destiny of mankind, and the importance and value of solidarity and mutual assistance.

fortunately, with the attention of leaders at all levels of the company, due to the early and good work of epidemic prevention mobilization and prevention and control, our epidemic prevention work has won a phased victory, and all employees of the company are safe and sound. this is not only the blessing of the company, but also our important contribution to the national epidemic prevention work.

the epidemic situation is fierce, which tests not only the immunity of everyone, but also the immunity of every enterprise. the potential impact of the spread of the epidemic on china's economy and industrial operation requires enterprises to be flexible, calm and rational in dealing with uncertain challenges. the big epidemic must be a process of accelerating elimination and upgrading. enterprises with strong immunity will be in nirvana, otherwise they will be eliminated.

the epidemic is at a high incidence. the epidemic is an order. fighting new coronavirus is the responsibility of the entire chinese nation. oxygen therapy is an important treatment to take care of the recovery of critical patients.

after learning that yichang central people's hospital and huanggang xiaotangshan hospital, which are seriously affected by the epidemic, are going to build new oxygen supply systems, suzhou duel urgently communicated with the department in charge of the epidemic area on february 13 to confirm the need for medical materials such as liquid oxygen gasification equipment. chairman zhu jinjun immediately said: we need to donate liquid oxygen storage tanks and liquid oxygen vaporizers to the epidemic area free of charge to support the people of hubei! the two trucks arrived at the scene the next day after departure. the two hospitals highly praised and appreciated the speed and kindness of suzhou duel company!

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