11,the durians are on their way (2) -凯时登录

 11,the durians are on their way (2) -凯时登录

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11,the durians are on their way (2) - doer equipment

classification:enterprise news publishtime:2020-03-09 15:51:30

the year of his son is full of mountains and rivers, the year of his geng is rich, the sun and the moon are new, and the durians are moving forward (2)

in the same boat, through all difficulties. this epidemic is coming with the trend of destruction and decadence. it will bring about the industrial and systematic changes that should have been completed for many years in a short time. it will be a comprehensive physical examination, for each of us and for dur. each group member of dur's control group gave up the rest and earnestly implemented the control plan. all employees of the company will be included in the scope of control, and epidemic prevention will be covered without dead ends.

during the epidemic period, duel company donated more than 4000 masks, gloves and other materials to the first-line epidemic prevention departments such as the industry and information bureau of the county epidemic prevention headquarters. a batch of masks donated on february 20 came back from japan after 13 days of wandering.

although the spring of 2020 comes a little late, despite many difficulties, the shadow will eventually fade, and different beginnings will surely create different legends. the road is long, and the road is coming. even if the sun and rain are shining and the hawks are pecking, the road of pursuing light should not stop. the tough chinese nation will overcome the suffering quickly, gain enlightenment, new wisdom and stronger vitality in the suffering.

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