12,the durians are moving forward (3) -凯时登录

 12,the durians are moving forward (3) -凯时登录

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12,the durians are moving forward (3) - doer equipment

classification:enterprise news publishtime:2020-03-10 15:53:23

the year of his son is full of mountains and rivers, the year of his geng is rich, the sun and the moon are new, and the doers are moving forward (3)

it's easy for all to work together, and spring is not far away. due to the impact of the epidemic, in the process of economic reform and upgrading, i hope you will bear in mind that all changes will not stop because of any event, on the contrary, they will only accelerate. therefore, the new year is a new start, a new challenge, and an important subversion point for every employee of duel company.

in the face of the coming challenges, every durian should maintain the confidence to win, focus on the goals and tasks, dare to take on the responsibilities, and walk in the face of the wind with an indomitable attitude. it is an unchangeable law in history that the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker.

similarly, i believe that with the efforts of all duels, the company will also pass the test and stand out. before dawn, let's unite as one and overcome the difficulties together. we firmly believe that under the strong leadership of president xi, the chinese nation will surely win an all-round victory in the fight against the epidemic!

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