13,the durians are on their way. (4) -凯时登录

 13,the durians are on their way. (4) -凯时登录

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13,the durians are on their way. (4) - doer equipment

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the year of his son is full of mountains and rivers, the year of his geng is rich, the sun and the moon are new, and the durians are moving forward (4)

epidemic prevention and control should not be relaxed, and economic development should not be delayed. the overall situation of novel coronavirus pneumonia has been improving continuously, creating a good environment for comprehensive and orderly resumption of work and resumption of production. at present, dole company has been working smoothly for a period of time. during this period, we have made a lot of efforts:

1. establish a prevention and control system and adjust the implementation. we set up a control group. the members are composed of second-line personnel, and a team of two is in charge of a team. measure the temperature of all staff twice a day, urge the team to disinfect on time, control the dining order in different periods, and ensure that the disinfection is in place and the temperature measurement is accurate and timely.

2. stabilize the mood of employees, supervise the prevention and control in place, and show the love of the enterprise. increase the nutrition of employees' meals and arrange qualified hairdressers to cut hair for employees. carefully measure the body temperature, disinfect, and do a good job in the prevention and control account. supervise the work of the management and control group, put forward improvement requirements in time, report the company's return to work rate and the use of pass to the park and the industry and information department on time, the company operates stably, the production department produces day and night, and the employees are in good mental state.

we should be firm in our confidence and be calm in every major event. since the founding of doer , we have experienced many big storms, but at any time, we have a strong heart, which is the fundamental reason why we can overcome difficulties again and again; what's more, when the crisis passes smoothly, it is the time when the opportunity breaks out.

after the epidemic, the concept and demand of all walks of life and our partners will inevitably change profoundly, which will bring a new and larger market and give birth to new business ideas and models. we need to have an insight into the changing situation, and "wisdom" will make the winner. at present, the strong and deep integration of "industrialization" and "intelligence" is an inevitable trend, which will promote the business innovation mode of the whole industrial chain ecosystem.

finally, we must emphasize once again that at this moment, we must not take epidemic prevention and our own health lightly. now, the whole country is doing its best in various ways to prevent and control the epidemic and protect their homes. we should take the prevention and control of the epidemic situation to a political level. we hope that all colleagues will attach great importance to it, continue to work hard and persist, work together with the people of the whole country to fight the final battle against the epidemic situation, and take our doer  responsibility and obligation to win the victory over the epidemic situation in a few months.

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