30000m ³ lng full containment tank-凯时登录

 30000m ³ lng full containment tank-凯时登录

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30000m ³ lng full containment tank

classification:full containment storage tank

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30000m ³ lng full containment tank

with the upgrading of chemical plant safety and the implementation of relevant national codes, the safety requirements for lng storage tanks are becoming more and more strict. in the past, the land occupation area of lng single tank structure has increased sharply, which reduces the utilization rate of plant land and increases the owner's investment cost.

in order to reduce land utilization and enhance the safety of storage tanks, the volume of a single unit in liquefaction and peak shaving projects is 5000-50000m ³ between the lng storage tanks, our company designs the bimetallic full capacity tank structure. the structure complies with national specifications, saves land cost, and the investment cost and construction period are at least half less than that of concrete full capacity tank. at present, the structure has been put into use and runs well.


main structure type

vertical, cylindrical, bimetallic, inner ceiling, outer vault, high heat angle protection.

the interlayer is made of pearlescent sand, elastic felt and foam glass brick.

process system

01. liquid inlet system (top liquid inlet bottom liquid inlet)

02. drainage system (built-in submersible pump)

03. backflow after pump

04. air replenishment

05. bog recovery

06. pressure safety system

07. instrument control (temperature, liquid level, pressure, density, analysis) system

08. fire fighting system

main structure

bimetallic full capacity tank adopts thermal angle protection results, which is composed of main container and secondary container.

the main container adopts vertical flat bottom cylinder ceiling structure, the main container adopts s30408 material for storing lng liquid, and the ceiling adopts aluminum alloy and thermal insulation cotton structure. the secondary container is a composite structure with thermal angle protection. 16mndr outer shell, foam glass brick and s30408 intermediate container are used from outside to inside.

the shell adopts vertical cylinder vault self-supporting structure, and the shell adopts 16mndr for storing bog gas; the intermediate container and foam glass brick form a thermal angle protection system. when the container leaks, the hot angle protection system can store all the lng liquid. at the same time, because of the existence of foam glass bricks, the heat transfer between the lng liquid and the outside is greatly weakened, which ensures that the shell body is protected from low-temperature impact and ensures that the lng liquid after leakage can be evaporated orderly and controlled. avoid overpressure caused by rapid gasification.

main features

the main storage product of the storage tank is liquefied natural gas. as a clean energy, natural gas is gradually replacing the traditional high consumption and heavy pollution energy such as coal and diesel. as lng storage equipment, the large low-temperature and atmospheric pressure storage tank developed by our company has almost zero pollution and zero emission in the storage process, and its environmental protection significance is self-evident.

in terms of cost, the storage process of our company is to greatly reduce the volume of natural gas after liquefaction, so that the storage tank with the same volume can store more natural gas. in addition, the minimum design life of 20 years makes the cost performance of this storage tank very high. in addition, the tank of the project adopts the thermal angle protection system newly developed by our company, so that the tank has a smaller floor area, which makes the full capacity tank more economical under the background of high land use cost in china.

therefore, while taking into account environmental protection and cost, the large atmospheric lng storage tank developed and produced by our company has very prominent economic and social benefits.


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