lpg water bath vaporizer-凯时登录

 lpg water bath vaporizer-凯时登录

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lpg water bath vaporizer

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lpg water bath gasifier

lpg air temperature gasifier is composed of liquid phase pressure regulating device, gasifier, liquid level display and anti liquid device. the equipment can automatically adjust the liquid level to change the heat transfer area to adapt to the change of production load. in case of liquid overflow, the anti liquid device can return the liquid to the bottom of gasifier to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.


product details

lpg water bath gasifier is used to vaporize lpg equipment, which converts liquid lpg into gas for customers. the whole carburetor is mainly divided into two parts: shell side and tube side, the medium of shell side is hot water and hot fluid; the medium of the pipe is lpg and cold fluid. the cold and hot fluid is heat exchange in the wall through the heat exchange tube. after the lpg in the pipe side absorbs the heat, it passes through the following steps: liquid phase heating section phase change phase gas phase heating section. finally, all of them are vaporized into gas and sent to the pipe network.

technical characteristics

design pressure of lpg water bath gasifier: 2.7mpa (27kg/cm2);

hydraulic test pressure: 3.3mpa (33kg/cm2);

air tight test pressure: 2.7mpa (27kg/cm2);

opening pressure of safety valve: 1.76mpa (17.6kg/cm2);

working temperature: 50 ℃ -80 ℃.

optional configuration

according to the different heat sources, the water bath gasifier can be divided into steam heated water bath type, hot water circulation water bath type and electric heating water bath type. customers can choose freely according to the size of gasification volume and the common conditions of the land of use.

main features

since lpg is not easy to gasify, a gas-liquid separation device is set up to avoid the phenomenon of "gas carrying liquid" at the outlet.

at the same time, the inlet of the heat source is equipped with a regulating valve, which can be interlocked with the water temperature and the outlet temperature, so as to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

lpg water bath gasifier is easy to operate, easy to maintain and affordable. the gasification capacity ranges from 5kg to 300kg per hour.

the process structure of lpg water bath gasifier is strong and durable, and has anti-corrosion performance.

the float valve device can prevent liquid from seeping through the pipeline.

the safety relief valve can automatically discharge the overpressure gas and then automatically close.

the two-stage electronic temperature controller can automatically adjust the water temperature from 60 ℃ to 70 ℃ with stable air supply.

the low water level protection control circuit ensures that the heating element is burned due to lack of water.

instructions for use

pipeline: carefully read the words marked on the lpg water bath vaporizer, and check whether the liquid phase inlet and gas phase outlet are connected to the corresponding pipeline.

water injection: add pure distilled water or pure water without impurities to the water injection place marked on the gasifier until the overflow pipe at the bottom of the gasifier overflows.

power supply: open the anti riot cover on the furnace body, connect the power supply directly to a, b, c and n on the line board inside the electric control box, where n is the zero line, and then connect it from the u, v and w ends of the electric control box to the three independent contacts on the heater in the explosion-proof junction box of the chemical gas furnace (there are six contacts on the heater, three of which are connected together). connect the 2 and 3 contacts marked on the wire board of the electric control box to the 2 and 3 terminals marked on the wire board in the explosion-proof junction box of the chemical gas furnace. cover and tighten the open explosion-proof cover.

the temperature controller, relay and heating pipe in the bin cover have been adjusted before leaving the factory. non professionals are not allowed to transfer the lpg electric hot water bath vaporizer at will.


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