hot water circulating water bath vaporizer-凯时登录

 hot water circulating water bath vaporizer-凯时登录

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hot water circulating water bath vaporizer

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hot water circulating water bath gasifier

hot water circulating water bath gasifier, also known as circulating hot water bath gasifier, uses the heat of uninterrupted circulating water to heat the low-temperature liquid in the heat exchange tube, so as to gasify the low-temperature liquid into gas.


applicable medium

liquid natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid ammonia, liquid carbon dioxide and other low temperature liquids;

gasification function

100-100000nm ³/ hr (single unit), the larger gasification capacity can be obtained by parallel operation of multiple units.

main technical parameters

medium used: lo2, ln2, lar, lng, lco2, lc2h4, lnh3, lpg, etc

working pressure: 0.8-40mpa

single flow: 100-100000nm ³/ h

structural features

the stainless steel material is made of high quality and low temperature, compact design, high heat exchange efficiency and convenient maintenance;

adopt advanced technology temperature control chain system to ensure the safety of use.

hot water requirements

temperature: 30-90 ℃

pressure: 0.3-1.5mpa

flow: as required by design

water quality: neutral soft water


2 * 25000m3 hot water circulating water bath vaporizer of china steel group

15000 m3 water bath vaporizer for air separation of the yellow river


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