steam heated water bath vaporizer-凯时登录

 steam heated water bath vaporizer-凯时登录

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steam heated water bath vaporizer

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steam heated water bath vaporizer

steam heating water bath gasifier uses the heat of steam to heat the water in the container, and then the water transfers the heat to the low-temperature liquid in the heat exchange tube, so that the low-temperature liquid can be gasified into gas, and the gas temperature can be set according to the requirements of users. the heat exchange core is usually in the form of small coil assembly or tube winding core, which is suitable for the equipment with atmospheric capacity.


applicable medium

liquid natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid ammonia, liquid carbon dioxide and other cryogenic liquids.

gasification function

100-100000nm ³/ hr (single unit), larger gasification capacity can be obtained by multiple units in parallel;

working pressure: ≤ 40mpa.

user optional configuration

the cylinder is made of carbon steel or stainless steel;

sound and light alarm for high and low outlet temperature;

emergency cut-off device;

overall skid mounting and design of equipment;

siemens and schneider electrical components can be used;

explosion proof electric control box can be used.

characteristics of steam heated gasifier

high quality low temperature special stainless steel heat exchange tube, compact design, durable;

the british spirax-sarco steam special control valve is designed in two ways to ensure uninterrupted use;

using spirax-sarco steam special injection device, it works more quietly, without noise and vibration;

imported paint, more permanent surface quality;

the hot water circulating pump is used, the water temperature is balanced, and there is no stratification phenomenon. it is manufactured according to the oxygen standard and food grade standard;

each set of gasifier includes: body, steam control device, control box, liquid meter, thermometer, inlet valve, drain valve, etc.


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